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Foggy tea in the morning, honey tea in the afternoon, or light after-dinner tea are all moments of daily pleasure. Porcelain contributes to this ceremony with its generous size and ability to preserve the warmth whilst insulating the handle, guaranteeing optimal taste and satisfaction.

Tea pot 8 cups 30.4 oz

The Cabas teapot dresses in gold and comes with the Noël decor.

Bernardaud is partnering with another craft native to Limousin, artisan ...

641 €

Coffee pots

Heir to a particular ceremony, having a coffee is above all a fun time, a time for a break, whose codes are rooted in an almost century-old tradition.

Coffee pot 12 cups 34 oz

Matching the cups, it allows to serve coffee while keeping it hot.

1,133 €

Set of 1 teapot, 2 mugs, 1 small tumbler, 1 creamer

This set is a beautiful gift for tea / coffee lovers. It comes with a 2-cups teapot, two 7 oz mugs, a small sugar bowl and a small ...

616 €