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Espresso Cups

Heir to a particular ceremony, having a coffee is above all a fun time, a time for a break, whose codes are rooted in an almost century-old tradition. The coffee cups of this collection have a common utopian challenge: reinventing the gesture, without losing the pleasure. They contribute to ones well-being, bringing humor, originality and a new vision to the experience.

Set of Absinthe green cups and saucers 4.4 oz

The shape of the cup emphasizes the taste and aroma of coffee thanks to its thin edges while keeping it hot.


Gift box set of 2 mugs 8.5 oz

This large capacity cup is the perfect vessel for tea, coffee, hot chocolate or even soup. It can be safely carried from room to room. ...


Large Cups

The comfort that comes with a cup of steaming hot chocolate is enhanced by the container itself. Whatever its form, whether it be a cup, mug or bowl, it is completely insulated from the heat, thus avoiding painful memories. The fine edge allows for the escaping intoxicating scent, while the transparency of the material allows one a glimpse of the smooth beverage.

Breakfast cup and saucer

This piece is essentially used for breakfast to enjoy, milk, cereal and hot chocolate.


Goblet 8.5 oz gold

Please note that in August we will not always be able to ship within 15 days, please contact our Customer Service for more information: ...