Historical dinnerware

Sit at the table in the manner of kings and princes with our historical dinnerware – identical replicas of original pieces from the 18th and 19th centuries. The diversity of table settings presented throughout this catalog illustrates a history of fashions, influences, and styles over more than a century. Each piece, each service, each historic cup is an invitation to rediscover, through porcelain, a few chapters of two great histories: art and the table.

Founded in 1737 under Louis XV, then put under the protection of the Comte d’Artois, Louis XVI’s brother in 1774 and sold during the Revolution, the Ancienne Manufacture Royale de Limoges is part of the history of France. It belongs to the Bernardaud group since 1986 and produces all its historical models in its Limoges workshops according to the strictest quality standards.


The Elysée service was produced by the Sèvres Manufactory in 1832, for the personal use of King Louis-Philippe at the Tuileries Palace. From the very start of his reign, Louis-Philippe preferred to entirely replace the table settings of the royal residences rather than make use of pieces inherited from his predecessors.

In response to such sizeable orders, the Sèvres Manufactory c...

Dinner plate 10.5''

The dinner plate is used to present your main course. It is often placed on the charger.


Catherine II

The Ancienne Manufacture Royale presents a replica of the tea set known as “Aux Camées” made in the 18th century for Catherine II of Russia. It is a table service for 60 guests, which was “the largest and most expensive” that the Manufacture de Sèvres has ever made. Between July 1776 and June 1779, nearly 40 craftsmen were mobilized to produce this service. The order indicates that the service mus...


At the Petit Trianon, Marie-Antoinette succeeded in creating the intimate setting that suited her. She overlooked no detail. Wanting to live among flowers, she had them woven, embroidered, recreated in gauze or porcelain. In 1781, she commissioned from the Manufacture Royale de Sèvres a service adorned with her two favorite motifs: cornflowers and pearls. Airily festooning the rims of plates and d...

Dinner plate 10.5''

The dinner plate is used to present your main course. It is often placed on the charger.


Le Gobelet du Roy

"Gobelet" refers to the officers in the king's household responsible for the bread, wine and fruit to be served to his Majesty.
The Gobelet du Roy service was ordered by Louis XVI in 1783 from the Manufacture de Sèvres to serve his officers at Versailles. It is decorated with friezes of myrtle leaves and wild cornflowers entwined with a crimson ribbon. In the center of each pl...

Large tea gift case (teapot, creamer, sugar bowl, 6 tea cups and saucers)

Tea gift case Gobelet du Roy composed of a teapot, six tea cups and saucers, a creamer and a sugar bowl.


A la Reine

The first prestigious service produced by the Royal Manufactory after it acquired its royal status, the A La Reine service was issued in 1784 and the original pieces can be found today in the collections of the world’s greatest museums. The curves of its “Comte d’Artois” shape are characteristic of the elegant lines given to precious objects at the time. ...

Dinner plate 10.5''

The dinner plate is used to present your main course. It is often placed on the charger.


Louis XV

This service was delivered to Louis XV in 1757, by the Royal Sèvres Manufactory. The King intended it for Fontainebleau, the royal residence of which he was extremely fond. These magnificent pieces were the King’s everyday table settings, as demonstrated by the manufactory’s records.
The delicacy of its scalloped shape is decorated by a fine gold band and a garland of roses in a unique...

Dinner plate 10.5''

The dinner plate is used to present your main course. It is often placed on the charger.



The “Age of the Enlightenment” was extremely fond of flowers, as demonstrated by this design produced in the last decade of that period by the Clignancourt Manufactory.
Flowers have consistently been the motif of choice of painters and have decorated the crowning jewels of tableware design. The style enjoyed renewed favor: foliage became less formal, bouquets looser, twigs and cut flow...

Dinner plate 10.5''

The dinner plate is used to present your main course. It is often placed on the charger.



On May 5, 1829 a man calling himself Mr. Schaumbourg ordered from the Royal Sèvres Manufactory a porcelain set ornate with floral wreaths. Guillaume II of Hesse, the German prince secretly bought himself a service for 60 persons. The original set was the largest set ever made by the Royal Manufactory.
Sèvres was world-renowned for the talent of its painters as well as the craftsmanship...

Set of 1 bread and butter plate 6.3''

Set of 1 bread and butter plate Botanique 6.5"


Jardin du Roi

Created in 1793 by the Sèvres Manufactory, this service was inspired by the illustrations found in «L’Histoire naturelle des oiseaux» (The Natural History of Birds) by Georges Louis Leclerc de Buffon (1707 – 1788), a naturalist, mathematician, biologist, cosmologist, and French writer from the 18th century. As steward of the King’s private natural history collection, he devoted his life to the st...

Dinner plate Martin pêcheur 10.5"

The dinner plate is used to present your main course. It is often placed on the charger.


Historical cups

The Litron cup, also known as the "square cup", derives its name from the Latin word "libra", which expressed a unit of liquid measurement. Its precise size is not consistent, however, as four variations with different measurements exist. The shape of the saucer, ...

Litron cup & saucer

1777, Original is housed in the National Ceramics Museum in Sèvres, France


La Laiterie de Rambouillet

A hunting enthusiast, Louis XVI acquired the Rambouillet estate in 1783. To make the estate more attractive in the eyes of his wife, Marie-Antoinette, the King had a charming dairy farm constructed.

Designed by Jean-Jacques Lagrenée, artistic director of the Sèvres Manufactory, the porcelain service is composed of daring shapes, decoration and colors for the period… Produced by the Sèvre...


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