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Wedding tablescapes' accessories

Discover our selection of vases, votives, lampions and centerpieces to create the most beautiful wedding tablescapes.

Vase in bisque porcelain H. 5"

"Biscuit" [bisque porcelain] means fired twice, the first time at 980C/1,800F and then 1400C/2,550F which is the highest possible ...


Valet tray 7.9 x 6.3"

A very decorative and versatile piece, this rectangular dish is a great gift idea that will always please.


Rectangular tray 8.7" X 7.7"

This beautiful tray can be used to hold mail or serve canapes and cakes. Perfect for a Christmas gift.


Large coupe 14"

Limited Edition of 99.

The desire to paint is present in Zao Wou-Ki from an early age: at the age of five, he unleashed his mother’s ...


3-tier tray

ADAGP, Paris, 2021 - Chagall


Goblet 8.5 oz gold

Can be used as a small vase, pen holder or as a water goblet.