Gifts Ideas #1 Lights

Porcelain is a wonderful material to shed light! The light diffused through the porcelain shade is warm and inviting, creating a comfortable and sophisticated atmosphere to brighten any space.


Marnie - Adam D. Tihany

Lithophanie noel

Led Votivelights


Led Lampions

Bougie eauxdor

Decorated candles

Gifts Ideas #2 Tea or Coffee?

The comfort that comes with a cup of steaming hot tea or coffee is enhanced by the container itself...

Mugs feerie


Tasses historiques

Historical cups

The noel

Tea post


In Bloom - Zemer Peled

Gifts Ideas #3 Jewelry

All of our jewelry is entirely made, hand decorated and assembled in our Limoges manufacture.

Pendentif scarabeeporte


Pendentif lunaporte

New Luna collection - Marion Vidal

Pendentif beboldoverporte

All pendants

Porcelain and dinnerware, since 1863 in Limoges

Bernardaud masters the art of French porcelain since 1863 in Limoges, combining craftsmanship and innovation, creativity and heritage. Working in a field that is perpetually evolving, Bernardaud remains in the elite of design and innovation, developing technologies in its Limoges manufacture that push back the limits of the art of porcelain-making.

The house calls on most renowned designers and contemporary artists to create porcelain dinnerware, lamps, candles and jewelry. Bernardaud also creates bespoke designs and decorative schemes for hotels and restaurants: porcelain plates, cups, platters, lamps and decorative objects to adorn the tables of the greatest chefs and of the most famous palaces in the world.

Our craftsmen in Limoges strive every day to make each creation bearing the Bernardaud mark a symbol of true luxury and excellence, thus demonstrating that two thousand years after it was first discovered, porcelain remains as remarkable as ever. Discover our collection available on the e-shop, in our boutiques and official retailers.