Porcelain and tableware, since 1863 in Limoges

Since 1863, Bernardaud has been synonymous with the art of Limoges porcelain, combining French craftsmanship and innovation, creativity and tradition.

In a field that is constantly evolving and at the cutting edge of design, Bernardaud develops new technologies at its Limoges manfactory, constantly exploring new territory.

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Discover the House's different gift universes: candles, boxes, jewelry, vases, as well as our sets of plate and cups.

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La quintessence de la porcelaine au service des artistes, du design, de la lumière et des couleurs. Découvrez les nouvelles éditions d’art et objets décoratifs de la Maison.

Collection Albertine

With its elegantly fine sketches, Albertine is a poetic decor that echoes the trend of the famous toiles de Jouy. Here, the green is soft, the vegetation delicately dresses each plate and pieces of the cabaret. Through the foliage and wild blackberries, you can see lovely birds – titmice, herons, ducks and pheasants. A romantic and bucolic decor emphasized by its scalloped edges. An invitation to stroll within a budding grove...

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1400° exhibition

For 20 years contemporary ceramics have been exhibited at the Fondation Bernardaud. The Fondation d'entreprise Bernardaud presents its new exhibition 1400°. Porcelaine et moi, émois., in which eleven international artists have chosen to tame and question the human relationship with the body, the fruit of so many fantasies and anxieties, what ...

16 June 2023
Musée national Adrien Dubouché
Transmission exhibition

For 160 years, Bernardaud has been driven and inspired by its passion for porcelain. This infinite passion has been passed down from hand to ha...

21 June 2023
Manufacture Bernardaud
Guided tour

Discover the history of porcelain and its different manufacturing stages as well as the annual exhibition of contemporary ceramics by the Fondation Bernardaud.

01 July 2023
Institut Bernardaud
What gift to offer?

🎁 You are invited to dinner. Great, what gift to offer?

💐 Flowers: avoid bringing a bouquet with you. Send it the night befor...

24 October 2023
Institut Bernardaud
At the table of Louis XIV

👑 If you were invited to the King's table, would you know how to put on a good show? First of all, your toilette: fly, wig and perfumed gloves ...

08 October 2023
Institut Bernardaud

😋 Let us tell you the delicious story of this little cake from Bordeaux. Legend has it that it was invented by the nuns of the Annonciades conv...

13 October 2023
Institut Bernardaud
Russian-style service

🔥 At a ball held in 1810 at the Austrian Embassy in Paris to celebrate the wedding of Napoleon and Marie-Louise, a fire broke out. Prince Alexander Kurakin, the Russian ambassador, ...

30 September 2023


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