Litron cup & saucer

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This is an identical replica of a litron coffee cup made by the Sèvres royal manufactory in 1774 for the personal use of Queen Marie-Antoinette.
Her taste for modern style is reflected in the grand bleu ground studded with gold dots, reminiscent of a starry sky. This shade of dark blue was characteristic of the Sèvres manufactory.
In the center of the saucer, a lovely bouquet of wildflowers recalls Queen Marie-Antoinette’s liking for natural and «rustic» surroundings, as at the hamlet that she had built at Versailles.
Both cup and saucer are edged with a dainty frieze of alternating ribbons and myrtle leaves, as well as a stylized sunflower design in sanguine red. The queen was particularly fond of this cup and presented it to her chief lady in waiting as a token of her deep affection.
The original of this cup is at the Musée Carnavalet in Paris.

Made in Limoges, France ⚑

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