Beautés Équivoques exhibition

23 February, 2021 11:10

Exhibition from June 18, 2021 to April 2, 2022

FONDATION BERNARDAUD - 27, avenue Albert Thomas, 87000 Limoges (France)

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Guided tour including the exhibition, Monday through Saturday.
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* Phone: +33(0)5 55 10 55 91
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Duration of the tour: 1'15" approx.

Guided tour

During the rest of the year, tours must be booked in advance.
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Adult: 6€
Children under 18 and Art school students: free of charge.
In a time of pandemics and social questions, in particular migration and the environment, artists absorb new realities, shoulder responsibilities and culpabilities, draw conclusions, and contribute in their own way to the vast concert of alarms being sounded.
All the ceramics presented in the exhibition Beautés équivoques more or less directly interrogate the visitor’s conscience in the face of certain great ethical questions confronting our contemporary societies.

What is this world? What is this world that has renounced Eden? What is this world that lets its creatures die and toys with the living? What is this world where soon humanity will struggle to survive on a hostile earth?

Every artist presented emphasizes the degraded state of the relationship uniting humanity with nature and human being with human being. At first glance, their works fascinate: colors, glazes, sheer beauty of the medium, apparent innocence and even whimsy catch the eye. Once under this seductive spell, the visitor is subject to an entirely different discourse—ironic, raw, grating, denunciatory. Some artists broach the terrain of ecological art (combining environmental ethics and esthetics), others privilege strangeness, expressing it with teeming detail and decorative exuberance, while still others evoke nostalgia for a primitive age, experienced as a moment of fusion with nature.

Stéphanie Le Follic-Hadida, Exhibition curator

Hélène Huret, Director of the Fondation Bernardaud


Linda Cordell

Alessandro Gallo

Jeremy Hatch

Beth Katleman

Andrew Livingstone

Calvin Ma

Wookjae Maeng

Maria Rubinke

Erika Sanada

Kim Simonsson

Linda Swanson

Russell Wrankle

Press contact Hélène Huret : hhuret(at)


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