26 June, 2023 14:00

✨ Legend has it that in Japan, the shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa (1435-1490) always used his favorite bowl during the tea ceremony. One day, unfortunately, the bowl broke. It was repaired with staples that no longer made it watertight. The shogun instructed his craftsmen to find a solution: the art of kintsugi was born. This custom also has a symbolic dimension: when an object breaks, it is repaired with gold to highlight its cracks rather than hide them, making it unique. Illustrating the ancient philosophy of wabi sabi, kintsugi invites us to admire beauty through the imperfect and ephemeral nature of life. Technique is thus elevated to a delicate and demanding art form. It can take up to a year to produce the best kintsugi! The shards of the broken object are first cleaned and then glued back together with a traditional lacquer called urushi, a powerful, heat-resistant natural adhesive perfectly suited to repairing tea objects. Cracks are sprinkled with gold or silver (gintsugi) to give the object its full lustre.

About L'Institut Bernardaud:

Because the French art of living is the envy of the world, what better way than with porcelain to introduce you to the teeming world of the table... Contribute with L'Institut Bernardaud to reenchanting this convivial and so precious moment of the meal by following our various workshops and conferences. A program with a creative approach and open to the world to live an exciting adventure at the crossroads of gastronomy, art, history or decoration.


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