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The art of decoration

All of the artists and designers that Bernardaud collaborates with, whether external or from its own design department, approach each new creation like a blank page. Bernardaud has always offered a comprehensive range, from classic to contemporary, with a solution for every type of interior.
Long used in home decoration, porcelain offers a perfect medium for the expression of the latest design trends. The house research team specialized in ceramic decoration and glazes aims not only to meet the requirements of external artists, but to anticipate them. The challenge is to get as close as possible to the original drawings and reproduce subtle shades, knowing that the colors of metallic oxides only emerge in the firing stage and that a deviation of only one degree will alter the final color.

The techniques chosen will depend on the type of decoration. For instance, seriography (up to 20 colors) will be used for leaf decoration, color will be sprayed onto a vase to cover the entire surface, and lines or bands will be hand-applied using a brush. In addition, Bernardaud often uses high-content precious metals, such as gold or platinum, and is famous for its gold polishing which is neither too matte nor too shiny. Bernardaud is one of the rare porcelain factories to have its own printing shop, which makes it possible to execute very complex motifs and patterns of top quality.
Bernardaud upholds tradition while offering a new twist on tableware, its core product. The idea is to highlight the many distinctive properties and applications of porcelain as a material by turning to contemporary artists for fresh inspiration.
Porcelain in everyday use
Porcelain possesses many outstanding characteristics and properties, including pure whiteness, translucency and delicate resonance. It offers impermeability as well as resistance: it can easily withstand extreme temperatures (from -77°F to +626°F). This is an important advantage for food safety. It is also easy to clean. However, porcelain’s most extraordinary property is its durability. It will not deteriorate as a result of exposure to air, water or the passage of time, which means that objects made of porcelain are often multi-purpose. A small sake bowl can double as a salt or condiment dish ; a delicious dessert can be served in a cup ; a soup tureen can be used to hold a dish in sauce ; and a goblet can be revisited as a pencil holder, a small table vase or an orange juice cup. Today, porcelain can be tailored to every taste, style or fancy. It is the ideal material for everyday use.


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