Artists and designers: porcelain's ambassadors

Porcelain offers simple, everyday luxury. With this in mind, Bernardaud asks designers to create beautiful, utilitarian objects that make the most of porcelain’s exceptional properties.

The Manufacture Bernardaud began to work with designers back in 1967, when industrial design was just coming into its own.
Bernardaud commissioned its first dinnerware service from the ‘‘father of industrial design’’ Raymond Loewy, whose motto was: ‘‘Ugly does not sell.’’ Loewy proceeded to create Ariès, a tableware set whose geometric design is characterized by great purity of line. His use of stark white porcelain revolutionized the industry in Limoges and marked a turning point in Bernardaud’s approach to design. For the first time, designers asked: ‘‘What’s this object going to be used for?’’ as the first step in the design process. Turning to a famous designer like Loewy for a dinnerware service was a bold move on Bernardaud ‘s part, one that helped Limoges porcelain consolidate its market dominance.

Since 1967, Bernardaud has encouraged creative research in many different directions, resulting in a profusion of items for every room in the house. Bernardaud’s cooperation with designers has yielded dozens of objects, each one a new source of everyday pleasure. In a very natural way, porcelain has become an integral part of contemporary life, and being so remarkably durable, is likely to stay that way!