Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall was born in Vitebsk, Belorussia in 1887. His artistic vocation began in Pen’s studio in Vitebsk in 1906 and with Bakst in St. Petersburg in 1907. In 1911, he traveled to Paris where his encounters with the Avant-Garde were decisive. In 1914, his first solo exhibition was organized in Berlin before he returned to Vitebsk. Chagall soon became Public Superintendent of Fine Arts and founded an Art Academy. The painter left Russia for good in 1923 and settled in Paris where he further developed his unique style, combining Jewish, Russian and French iconography. Upon his return to France in late 1947 from the United States where he was in exile during World War II, Chagall became one of the greatest artists of the 20th century - an ever-surprising colorist, continuously reinventing his vocabulary - until his death in 1985 in Saint-Paul, France.

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Les Bouquets de Fleurs - Marc Chagall

Bouquets of flowers made their first appearance in Chagall’s life around 1909, when he met his future wife, Bella. “It was Bella who brought me the first flower...”

In his work, the painter represented flowers as he found them, often already grouped and arranged in a vase. They are not flowers as seen in their natural environment; they have been gathered and brought to his home and studio. H...

Set of 4 assorted salad plates 21 cm

Very decorative, these plates make a great holiday gift and will bring an element of whimsy to your table.

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413.00 €

Collection Marc Chagall - Marc Chagall

Throughout his life, the painter Marc Chagall demonstrated his choice of painting as a means of expression. "Painting is more essential to me than food. It appears to me like a window through which I am able to ascend towards another world", declared Marc Chagall. The same wonder is inscribed in the numerous drawings and sketches, watercolor, pastels or Chinese ink, maybe less well known.

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Coupe 36 cm ''sketch for the opera ceiling"

For this project, the Comité Chagall opened its archives to us, where we found these magnificent, evolving preparatory sketches for the cei...

660.00 €

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Les vitraux d'Hadassah - Marc Chagall

In 1959, the Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center commissioned a set of twelve stained-glass windows from Marc Chagall, more than a decade after the artist’s return from emigration to France. By then, he had become well known, having exhibited at many art shows. The windows, intended for a synagogue under construction, would symbolize the twelve tribes of Israel.

Working closely with ma...

Set of 6 dinner plates (serie 1) - 27 cm

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717.00 €

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Pour ida - marc chagall

Limited edition of the original wedding service created in 1952 by Marc Chagall in Vallauris for the wedding of his daughter. Each piece bears a different drawing reproduced with brush strokes executed by hand. The images evoke the poetry, tenderness, fantasy and humor derived from the richness of the painter's creative universe through his most favorite themes: the woman, the couple, the flowers,...

Dinner service for twelve (69 pieces numbered)

Limited edition (series of 225) of the original wedding service created in 1952 by Marc Chagall in Vallauris for the wedding of his daughte...

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