General Conditions of Sale

General Conditions of Sale – Bernardaud E-Boutique

Italy – France – Benelux – Germany – Spain

Bernardaud SA, having its company headquarters at 27 avenue Albert Thomas – 87000 Limoges – FRANCE, phone number +33 (0)5 55 10 55 50, and commercial registration at RCS Limoges 755501160B, designs, creates and sells porcelain items around the world. In addition to selling its products in the stores it operates and through its distribution network, Bernardaud also sells items its website.

The offer and sale of items on the E-Boutique to customers (E-Boutique users) are subject to the General Conditions of Sale as outlined below, which describe the conditions for orders, payment, delivery and returns.

For further questions, customers may contact Bernardaud’s customer service department by clicking on the “Contact Us” link.

Customers may also contact Bernardaud at any time by email at or by telephone at +33(0)5 55 10 21 86.

For all other legal information, please see the Returns and Privacy Policy sections.


Bernardaud operates its own e-commerce business and sells items exclusively to final consumers through its E-Boutique.

The term “consumers” refers to private, competent individuals of legal age who are not under guardianship or curatorship and whose purchases are not being made for business or professional reasons.

In accordance with this stated commercial policy, Bernardaud reserves the right to cancel any orders from individuals who do not meet the definition of consumer as described above or orders that do not comply with this commercial policy.

These General Conditions of Sale apply only to the offer, confirmation of orders and payment, delivery and return of items ordered by customers from Bernardaud’s E-Boutique.

By choosing to purchase items from Bernardaud’s E-Boutique, customers expressly and irrevocably accept the terms of these General Conditions of Sale.

These General Conditions of Sale take precedence over any other general conditions that have not been expressly approved by Bernardaud.

Bernardaud reserves the right to modify these General Conditions of Sale. The applicable conditions shall be those in effect at the date the customer places their order.


The items available for purchase are those shown on the Bernardaud E-Boutique website.

Each item has a description written by Bernardaud which customers can access by simply clicking on the item.

While every effort has been made to ensure the item photos and descriptions are as accurate as possible, they may not be identical to the image, particularly in terms of colors.

Customers shall not be entitled to compensation and Bernardaud shall in no way be held responsible for any differences or errors found, particularly technical or typographical errors.


3.1 The online ordering platform is available in French and English.

3.2 To order one or more items from the E-Boutique, customers must:

(a) Fill out the customer e-form with the required personal information.

(b) Fill out the e-order form.

(c) Confirm their order after verifying the order and correcting any errors.

(d) Choose the type of credit card they wish to use for payment.

3.3 By confirming their order, customers accept these General Conditions of Sale, including the Privacy Policy, and confirm they understand them and waive any right to invoke any other conditions. A hyperlink is shown during the checkout process to remind customers of these conditions.

All information provided by the customer and the saved order confirmation shall serve as proof of the transaction. The confirmation shall be equivalent to signature and acceptance of the transaction.


Bernardaud has created a three-step checkout process to give customers an opportunity to modify their order before final confirmation.

After the final confirmation, the order is considered final and returns may only be made according to the conditions outlined below.

The order form shall be stored in Bernardaud’s database for the duration of order processing and in line with legal requirements. Customers may view their order by signing into their E-Boutique account.


If Bernardaud is unable to ship any order within 15 working days, customers will receive a follow-up email notifying them of the expected shipping date. If the customer finds the new ship date unacceptable, they can cancel part or all of their order by replying to the email within 24 hours to tell us which item(s) they no longer want.

If a customer cancels one or more items, their account will not be charged for the cancelled item(s). A follow-up email detailing the revised order will be sent to the customer.

If the customer does not contact us, we shall assume that they accept the new shipping date. The order will be processed and the customer’s account will be charged.

Bernardaud SA shall not be held liable if a product is backordered or no longer available.

Bernardaud recommends that customers keep a record of the confirmation email (either electronic or paper) as proof of their order.


Item prices are given in euros and include all taxes but do not include shipping fees.

Shipping fees as indicated in Article 10 below are to be paid by the customer and are billed in addition to the item selling prices.

Item prices are subject to change at any time. The selling price given for each item corresponds to the price shown in the E-Boutique at the time of order, unless a typographical error has occurred.

Any change in the value added tax (VAT) rate shall be immediately applied to the item selling price.


7.1 All purchases made on the E-Boutique must be paid for at the time of order.

7.2 Bernardaud accepts the following forms of payment: Visa, MasterCard and American Express. The customer’s credit card will only be charged when their order is processed. If certain items are unavailable, the customer will only be charged for available products and shipping fees.

(a) When ordering, customers must provide their credit card number, its expiry date and the three-digit security code on the back of their card. Credit card information is secured by Crédit Mutuel.

(b) This information will never be used by Bernardaud for purposes other than completing customer orders, issuing refunds for returned items or notifying the relevant authorities in the event of fraudulent transactions on the E-Boutique.

(c) Bernardaud reserves the right to cancel any order or shipment if payment is refused by the customer’s credit card company.

7.3 Bernardaud reserves the right to refuse delivery or fulfilment of an order placed by customers with outstanding balances on prior orders or with whom a payment dispute is pending.

7.4 Bernardaud reserves the right to prosecute any customer using or attempting to use fraudulent forms of payment.


Items are shipped to the address indicated by the customer at the time of order. Items may only be shipped within the delivery zone. The delivery zone comprises the Benelux countries, mainland France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Shipping is handled by carrier. If the customer is not available at the time of delivery, a notice will be left in their mailbox informing them of the attempted delivery and asking them to pick up their package from the carrier.

Delivery is considered as completed on the date the carrier attempted to deliver the package to the shipping address indicated by the customer at the time of order.

Customers must sign a delivery confirmation slip to receive their package. Customers should check the packaging and ensure the items are in good condition before signing the delivery slip. Any issues or damage arising from shipping, such as damaged or missing items, must be noted on the delivery slip before being signed by the customer.

The customer must send a claim letter describing the detected issue or damage by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt to the carrier with a copy sent to Bernardaud within fifteen (15) working days of the date of delivery of the item(s).

The letter to the carrier in France should be sent to:


9-23 rue du Colonel Pierre Avia

75757 Paris Cédex 15

The letter to the carrier for all other countries should be sent to:

Fedex Economy, Federal Express Canada Ltd. 5985 Explorer Drive

Mississauga, ON L4W 5K6


The letter to Bernardaud should be sent to:


27 avenue Albert Thomas

87000 Limoges


If a claim is not made within the 15-day limit, the item(s) delivered shall be considered as being in good condition and accepted by the customer. No damaged or defective item may be exchanged before it is returned to and processed by Bernardaud, in the same condition in which it was delivered by the carrier and in its original packaging.


Delivery times are estimated. If an item cannot be shipped by Bernardaud within the delivery times indicated at the time of order, the customer will be offered a refund for their purchase or a replacement item of the same value.

Bernardaud shall not be held liable in the event of late delivery for any reason and customers shall not be entitled to compensation from Bernardaud.


Shipping fees are waived for all orders over €100 including tax. For orders under €100 including tax, a standard €10 fee will be added to the order to cover shipping costs.

Article 11. RETURNS

Customers have fifteen (15) days from the date of delivery of their order to make a return. Customers may return the item(s) they do not want within this time period and at their own expense. Returns will only be accepted by Bernardaud if:

(a) Prior to any return, the customer has contacted Bernardaud by telephone at +33 (0)5 55 10 21 86

(b) The returned item(s) are unused, unaltered, unwashed and undamaged

(c) The returned item(s) are in their original packaging

(d) The returned item(s) are sent in a single package

Bernardaud reserves the right to refuse items from a single order if returned at different times. If the return is made according to the abovementioned conditions, Bernardaud shall refund any amounts already charged to the customer upon receipt of the items (excluding shipping fees).

Any amounts due shall be refunded as quickly as possible and within thirty (30) working days of the date the customer notifies Bernardaud of the return regardless of the form of payment used.

If the above return conditions are not met, the customer may ask Bernardaud to return the items to them, at the customer’s own expense, in the same condition the items were returned to Bernardaud.


For questions or claims, customers may contact Bernardaud by phone at +33 (0)5 55 10 21 86 or email at



Merely providing a form of payment does not constitute payment. If the customer does not fulfil their payment obligations, for any reason whatsoever, Bernardaud shall have the right to immediately recover the item(s) shipped at the customer’s expense.

The abovementioned conditions shall not waive the transfer of risks of loss or damage of the item(s) to the customer. The customer shall be liable for the risks of loss or damage from the time the product(s) leave Bernardaud’s premises.


Bernardaud shall not be held liable for being unable to fulfil its contractual obligations due to force majeure events, such as natural catastrophes, fire, internal or external strikes, internal or external system failures or more general external unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances that prevent the proper execution of orders.

Article 15. WEBSITE USE

All content on the Bernardaud website is and shall remain the exclusive intellectual property of Bernardaud. No individual is authorized to reproduce, exploit, redistribute or use for any reason, even partially, content from the website including software, visuals or sound.

The use of any hypertext link is strictly forbidden without Bernardaud’s express prior written agreement.

With regards to the online sales process, Bernardaud merely has a best-efforts obligation to provide the service. It shall not be held liable for any damage caused by the use of the internet such as lost data, hacking, virus, disrupted service or other issues beyond its control.


In line with the French law of 6 January 1978 on information technology, data files and civil liberties, personal information collected about customers may be subject to automated processing.

Bernardaud reserves the right to collect information about customers, including through the use of cookies, and if customers agree, to share that information with third parties with which it does business.

Customers may opt out of sharing their information by informing Bernardaud at the time of order.

Customers have the right to access and modify their personal information in accordance with the French law of 6 January 1978.

Customers may review these conditions in full under the Privacy Policy section. For more information about personal information processing, customers may contact Bernardaud by email at or by letter at:

Bernardaud E-Boutique

27 avenue Albert Thomas

87000 Limoges



Bernardaud will archive orders and invoices using a reliable and durable system to maintain copies according to Article 1348 of the French Civil Code.

Bernardaud’s electronic records shall be considered by the parties as proof of communication, orders, payments and transactions between the parties.


These General Conditions of Sale for the Bernardaud E-Boutique are subject to French law. In the event of a dispute, jurisdiction is assigned to the court of Limoges notwithstanding multiple respondents or third-party appeals.