It’s amazing how pieces of fine porcelain evoke memorable moments! This observation inspired master perfumer Olivia Giacobetti to create a unique collection of delicate home fragrances for Bernardaud, all made from natural essences.

The lily stands for whiteness, purity and innocence; Rose for marriage; everlasting flower for undying love; the muted notes of a library paneled in exotic woods are found in Rue des Archives; and Porcelaine has the powdery scent of a Limoges workshop and is a salute to our heritage and to the transmission of time-honored artisan skills.


Rue des Archives

Mahogany, smoked ebony, blond tobacco and sweet amber. Deep in a library full of fine old books, the warm scents of precious woods saturated with sweet amber and blond tobacco.

Rose Pure

A freshly picked rose amid ivy leaves. the extremely pure fragrance of a rose garden after the rain...


An accord of white clay, iris powder and a drop of rose essence.

Lys Sacré

A bouquet of lilies spiked with a leaf from a blackberry bush. The heady fragrance of an armful of white lilies.


The warmth of everlasting flowers basking in the sunshine. Everlasting flowers are sunflowers that grow in sand. They are called immortelles because their fragrance seems to linger forever...

Amande Angélique

A sweet woody fragrance of fresh almonds, a pinch of angelica seeds, a hint of white wood and a drop of milk.


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