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Folded leaf 13.9'' x 10.6''


Reference 1837 / 22926

Limited edition

Limited edition of 200.

Inaugurated on March 29th 1989, the Pyramid has become an emblem of the Louvre Museum and Paris in just a few years. As part of the Pyramid’s 30th anniversary, the Louvre Museum invited the French artist JR to design a work of art celebrating the event. After removing the monument in 2016, JR now offers to reveal its secret by creating a monumental collaborative work with the help of 400 participants, constituting his largest collage installed to date. In collaboration with JR, Bernardaud has realized a limited edition porcelain frame, like a crumpled leaf, inviting you to discover the Pyramid emerging from the ground.

Made in Limoges, France ⚑

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