Les Bouquets de Fleurs - Marc Chagall

Bouquets of flowers made their first appearance in Chagall’s life around 1909, when he met his future wife, Bella. “It was Bella who brought me the first flower...”

In his work, the painter represented flowers as he found them, often already grouped and arranged in a vase. They are not flowers as seen in their natural environment; they have been gathered and brought to his home and studio. He admired them, absorbed them, and then painted them, as though incarnating his imagination and inner world.

Like the angel, the acrobat, or the self-portrait, the bouquet of flowers became, in Chagall’s paintings, the expression of an iconographic element also elevating us to a spiritual realm, symbolizing, among other things, the sacred offering. The presence of flowers evokes the eternal search for the ideal, leading us towards a world colored by excellence and beauty, the sight of which continues to awaken our wonder.

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