The kiss

28 January, 2024 14:00

😚 While our national kiss may surprise foreigners, particularly from Asia where people greet each other by bowing without touching, the custom of kissing to say hello is far from exclusive to France. It occurs in Southern Europe and Russia, as well as in some Arab and sub-Saharan African countries. If people offer you a “bec”, you should know that they probably come from French-speaking Switzerland, and if it’s a “baise”, from Belgium. But in France too, this custom has its own specificities: in Picardy, you get a “baisse”; in eastern France, a “schmutz”... What’s more, in the south, you tend to turn your left cheek, whereas in the center and north of the country, you turn your right cheek first. The number of kisses also varies from region to region. A single peck in Brest, but three in Marseille and up to four north of the Loire! Last but not least, keep in mind that you don’t automatically kiss someone you’ve just met, and to achieve the perfect kiss, it should be cheek to cheek, without the lips touching the skin 💋

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Because the French art of living is the envy of the world, what better way than with porcelain to introduce you to the teeming world of the table... Contribute with L'Institut Bernardaud to reenchanting this convivial and so precious moment of the meal by following our various workshops and conferences. A program with a creative approach and open to the world to live an exciting adventure at the crossroads of gastronomy, art, history or decoration.


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