Porcelain: the material that knows no limits

A salute to porcelain
Each new Bernardaud collection offers fresh evidence that this refined material with unexpected properties is redefining style in the world of fine china. Contemporary and bold, the brand inspires designers and encourages artists to venture into unknown territory.
Each creation bearing the Bernardaud mark, whether dinnerware service, jewelry, furniture or a light fixture, is intended to bring simple luxury to everyday life. Two thousand years after it was first discovered, porcelain remains as remarkable as ever. Bernardaud perpetuates and diversifies traditional skills and techniques, preserving a valuable component of France’s cultural heritage. The company never stops reinventing the art and craft of making porcelain.
Exploring new territory
It’s easy to see what porcelain brings to the table! Its individual place settings are complemented by serving platters, soup tureens, tea and coffee services and other accessories. Bernardaud has designed and manufactured tableware for everyday use since 1863, while constantly refreshing its inspiration.
In an ongoing quest to explore the possibilities of its signature material, Bernardaud capitalizes on its traditional expertise to explore new avenues. The company calls on designers to find new applications and artists to create works of art using ‘‘white gold’’ as their medium. While catering to true connoisseurs, Bernardaud now reaches those who are unfamiliar with porcelain or can only imagine its more conventional uses. Bernardaud encourages everyone to (re)discover their favorite material via its own broad array of decorative objects and art works, and to incorporate these simple luxuries into their daily life.
Real daring: to thine own self be true
Bernardaud fully integrates porcelain into every area of modern lifestyle: the decorative arts (with beautiful objects for the home, furniture and light fixtures), personal adornment (jewelry) and innovative tableware and art works created by contemporary artists under the auspices of the Fondation Bernardaud. Porcelain is ubiquitous and appears where least expected.
In an industry often dominated by marketing strategy, Bernardaud remains true to its unique philosophy, which is to take the market pulse, then operate on intuition and experience. Real daring means following your own star!


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