Platinum decors

Timeless and utterly refined, platinum married to the pristine white of porcelain matches all styles of home decor, hence it is often chosen as wedding service, companion of a lifetime. Among platinum decors, you will find the most refined dinnerware services decorated with a simple platinum line, but also extremely sophisticated services, richly decorated with classic or contemporary patterns. Platinum lining and other platinum enhancements are exclusively applied by hand by the best painters-decorators.


The name of this new pattern comes from the Latinum “silva”, a poetical evocation of trees, masters of the forest. It also invites us to look closer and admire the beauty of Nature: delicate leaf veins and lace-like plant fibers ornate the rim of plates, alternatively in white on white or platinum relief.

Set of 4 assorted salad plates 21 cm

Very decorative, these plates make a great holiday gift and will bring an element of whimsy to your table.

176.00 €


Cristal provides an ideal backdrop for a personal creativity. Able to set a refined table while emphasizing its understated appearance or a personalized setting when paired with another pattern from the Bernardaud collections.

Service plate 29,5 cm

Pretty and practical, the service plate highlights the dinner plate that is placed on top.

62.00 €

Twist Or & Platine

The delicate design of this new collection combines various influences: the light effects of the rice paper Japanese screens, the art of origami folding, the braiding and caning of the furniture of the 50s, not to mention the 3D graphics offered by the new technologies. The result is an unprecedent subtle effect of a rigorously geometric pattern taken in twisted momentum. Engraved on the rim ...

Service plate 29,5 cm

The shape of the cup emphasizes the taste and aroma of tea thanks to its thin edges while keeping it hot.

257.00 €


Ithaque, the collection created by Olivier Gagnère, combines classic grand tradition and modernity with its distinguishing details: the platinum and colored cabochons on the cups as well as the rims of the plates, and the distinctive handle of the cups in the shape of a horse's tail.

Platinum salad plate 21 cm

Can be used to serve appetizer, dessert and cheeses.

90.00 €

Athéna platine

A reference to design trends from the 1970’s, the geometric motif of the Athena Collection creates a dimensional and graphic appearance. Brilliant and matte accents highlight the understated, neoclassical frieze, while emphasizing the beautiful modernity of the collection. Athena expresses a strong personality full of elegance and allure. A wide variety of accessories may easily compliment the ...

Ecume platine

Subtle effects within the material, masterful glazing work, the hollow engraving of Ecume makes for a contemporary and poetic collection that produces a highly elegant and modern table setting.

Set of caviar plate and bell covert

Bernardaud and Petrossian have developed an original caviar ser vice that will embellish your table and elevate caviar-tasting into an ...

286.00 €


Three different geometric motifs create a playful but refined graphic pattern. The relief in platinum plays with the light and gives the design its elegance.

Service plate 32 cm

The service plate highlights the dinner plate that is placed on top.

259.00 €


Sauvage is a testament to a distinctive technical prowess: Bernardaud successfully reproduced on a table service the texture of reptilian skin and cordovan (embossed) leather. The hexagonal motif is realized in pearly grey and highlighted by a fine silver band.

Dinner plate 26 cm

The dinner plate is used to present your main course. It is often placed on the charger.

80.00 €


Inspired by distant deserts and drawn from timeless landscapes, Dune still bears the caress of the wind on the sand on its wide borders.

Service plate 32 cm

The service plate highlights the dinner plate that is placed on top.

203.00 €

Feuille d'Argent & Promenade

Feuille d'Argent uses silver to perfectly recapture the lightly crumpled texture of an ancient technique: the art of silvering. Promenade illuminates the temperance of white with a dispersion of delicate platinum branches. Mix & match these pieces for infinite possibilities to dress a table that stunningly luxurious and yet decidedly contemporary.

Dinner plate 26 cm

The dinner plate is used to present your main course. It is often placed on the charger.

61.00 €

Gift case 1 moka cup 5 cl and saucer

Cup height : 4,6 cm and cup diameter : 4,6 cm

Saucer diameter : 10,4 cm

5 cl

1,179.00 €