"French style", "English style" cutlery position

06 February, 2023 14:00

🍴 There is a seemingly insignificant subject that can unleash all passions: the position of cutlery on the table! Everyone has an opinion, based on habit, family tradition or observation in restaurants. Everyone also has their own arguments: the tablecloth should not be scratched, the coat of arms should be shown. Let's start with a bit of History... The French table setting stems from the tradition of our silversmiths to chisel the monogram or coat of arms of their clients on the back, while in England, the engraving is done on the inside. Thus, in the "French style", forks and spoons are placed with the curved side up and the tines (for the fork) on the tablecloth, much to the despair of table linen manufacturers! In the "English style", it is the opposite: the curved side is placed on the tablecloth. However, there are some points of agreement between the two nations: knife on the right with the edge towards the plate, cutlery arranged in the order they will be used at the table 🍽️

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