Jewelry novelties

The house is pleased to present these new jewelry collections, entirely made within our Limoges manufacture, created by Marion Vidal, jewelry designer for Bernardaud.


A porcelain heart is offered as a declaration of love and worn as a symbol. Designed as a variation of Alba - Marion Vidal's signature collection, each piece is curved but delicately hollowed out, creating a play of reliefs between the domed volume and the flat face. The designer revisits the universal emblem of love with these pendants, dressing your skin in softness.

Cœur blanc Charms Pendant

Pendant : Height 2,8 cm Width 3,3 cm

Chain length 46 cm | 3 adjustment rings

Chain in brass gilded with fine gold, porcelain ornament.

280.00 CHF


The snake, symbol of vital energy, is the genesis of this collection. It inspired for Marion Vidal to create a rounded, almost enveloping shape, that reveals all the sensuality of porcelain. Naming the line Eve sounds like an obvious choice, an evocative name meaning "source of life" and intimately linked to the symbolism of the snake. The rings and earrings are available in five shades. ...

Eve Rose de sable Ring

177.00 CHF


With the Scarabée collection, designer Marion Vidal elegantly rethinks the famous sacred beetle of ancient Egypt. Symbol of the rebirth of the Sun and eternal life, the beetle is considered a good luck charm. The porcelain pendant combines the light of gold with a color such as orange, blue, green, white or black, which brings modernity and originality to this contemporary amulet.

Scarabée Pendant White & Gold

Chain in brass gilded with fine gold, porcelain ornament.

324.00 CHF


For the Alba Collection, Marion Vidal's mission is to create a signature collection, pure and timeless, by rediscovering the grace of a jewel from Ancient Egypt in a contemporary world. It started with a curved, generous shape and then hollowed out to create an opposition between this curved and rounded volume and a flat, reentrant face. This contrast is also accentuated by strong colors.


Chain in brass gilded with fine gold, porcelain ornament.

390.00 CHF


All finesse and roundness, the Luna pendants are an ode to the moon: sometimes colored and luminous, sometimes dark and intense, the designer Marion Vidal reveals all the sensuality of porcelain through this collection of pendants. Like talismans, these jewels bear different, hypnotizing designs: herringbone pattern enhanced with gold like a reptile skin for the Ladon models; malachite strata ...


The pieces in the Figures collection are sculpture-jewelry, like small shapes carved in porcelain presenting a multitude of curves of different thickness. Five pendants that become charms or talismans, which can be adopted, worn or also held in hand because their shapes are pleasantly tactile. The colored cord coordinated with the pendant surrounds and supports the porcelain part and it is ...

Avia bleu Pendant

321.00 CHF