The Héloïse model exemplifies a type of French dinner service bearing accurate botanical representations that was produced in the 19th century by major porcelain houses. For this model, Bernardaud chose to set delicate, natural-looking daisies in subtle hues on a field of satiny gold, for a floral look that is at once vibrant and timeless.

© Valombreuse

Salad plate 21 cm

333.00 CHF

Rim soup 22,5 cm

349.00 CHF

Soup tureen 2 L

3,482.00 CHF

Gravy boat 25 cl

1,554.00 CHF

Salad bowl - 25 cm

1,934.00 CHF

Relish dish

645.00 CHF

© LiliROZE

Deep round dish

1,135.00 CHF

Oval platter 38 cm

1,605.00 CHF

Oval platter 33 cm

1,164.00 CHF

Tart platter

1,605.00 CHF

© LiliROZE

Creamer 30 cl

690.00 CHF

Tea cup and saucer gift box - 15 cl

452.00 CHF

Coffee cup and saucer gift box - 8 cl

413.00 CHF