Artists' decors

Reinvent tableware. Encourage questioning. Shake up traditional aesthetic codes. Since its creation, the House has surrounded itself with the greatest artists to create strong collections, thus giving the primary function of porcelain pieces a whole new dimension. Artists’ tableware becomes the center of conversation and a way to assert your personality.

Les Bouquets de Fleurs - Marc Chagall

Bouquets of flowers made their first appearance in Chagall’s life around 1909, when he met his future wife, Bella. “It was Bella who brought me the first flower...”

In his work, the painter represented flowers as he found them, often already grouped and arranged in a vase. They are not flowers as seen in their natural environment; they have been gathered and brought to his home and studio. He ...

Set of 4 assorted salad plates 21 cm

Very decorative, these plates make a great holiday gift and will bring an element of whimsy to your table.

374.00 CHF

Kintsugi - Sarkis

"I am fascinated by this Japanese art called "Kintsugi" from the 16th century, which is to make visible repairs on ceramic made with a mix of lacquer and gold giving an even greater aesthetic value". Sarkis

Gift set of 1 teapot, 2 mugs, 1 sugar bowl, 1 creamer

This set is a beautiful gift for tea / coffee lovers. It comes with a 2-cups teapot, two 20 cl mugs, a small sugar bowl and a small ...

764.00 CHF

Je te mangerais dans la main - Prune Nourry et JR

"In this project, Prune and I wanted to focus on a man’s most essential ‘‘tool,’’ his hands, which can function as a drinking cup or as eating utensils. As Darwin put it: ‘‘Man could not have attained his present dominant position in the world without the use of his hands’’. Here, our hands have been photographed. Families will pass on an heirloom dinner service that once belonged to ancestors ...

Set of 6 dinner plates 27 cm

Very decorative, these plates make a great holiday gift and will bring an element of whimsy to your table.

761.00 CHF

Collection Calder - Alexander Calder

In the spirit of Alexander Calder’s kinship with France, the Calder Foundation has asked Bernardaud to craft reproductions on porcelain of Calder mobiles from the 1940s and 1950s.

The selection of these masterpieces of spatial complexity charge the surrounding space with infinite possibilities. With their black and red silhouettes vertically arranged and intensified by shapes with cut outs, ...

Set of 6 dinner plates

Limited edition of 3000

617.00 CHF

Parler Seul - Joan Miró

Making the work of Joan Miró accessible in unexpected ways – this was what prompted Successió Miró to approach the French porcelain manufacturer Bernardaud. The intense and highly demanding partnership that ensued gave rise to this table service taken from the book Parler Seul. Its 100 pieces use the precision of porcelain to express the painter’s extraordinary freedom, and invite us to ...

Tableware 100 pieces

Tableware set of 100 pieces for 12 based on the original works of Joan Miró created for Tristan Tzara’s poetry book Parler Seul, ...

26,429.00 CHF

Collection Marc Chagall - Marc Chagall

Throughout his life, the painter Marc Chagall demonstrated his choice of painting as a means of expression. "Painting is more essential to me than food. It appears to me like a window through which I am able to ascend towards another world", declared Marc Chagall. The same wonder is inscribed in the numerous drawings and sketches, watercolor, pastels or Chinese ink, maybe less well known.


Coupe 36 cm ''sketch for the opera ceiling"

ADAGP, Paris, 2020 - Chagall

598.00 CHF


‘‘During my stay in Brazil, photography quickly took an important place. I started to apply a method to my shots with a square frame, which gradually gave life to a body of images... My goal with Oscar was to report the multiple universes of this country. Thus, the graphic frames take up the rhythms of Oscar Niemeyer’s iconic contemporary architecture and the colors are those of the city. In ...

Dinner plate 27 cm

The dinner plate is used to present your main course. It is often placed on the charger.

58.00 CHF

Pour ida - marc chagall

Limited edition of the original wedding service created in 1952 by Marc Chagall in Vallauris for the wedding of his daughter. Each piece bears a different drawing reproduced with brush strokes executed by hand. The images evoke the poetry, tenderness, fantasy and humor derived from the richness of the painter's creative universe through his most favorite themes: the woman, the couple, the ...

Dinner service for twelve (69 pieces numbered)

Limited edition (series of 225) of the original wedding service created in 1952 by Marc Chagall in Vallauris for the wedding of his ...

36,274.00 CHF

Banality series - jeff koons

"I was always intrigued by porcelain, by both the economic and the sexual aspect of the material. Porcelain shrinks in the oven; therefore, there is a tightness to the material. Porcelain was the emperor's material but today it has been democratized and everybody can enjoy porcelain. That's why for these qualities of its material being it is the reason I used it in Banality Series. I am really ...

Set of 6 tea cups & saucers

Limited edition of 4500

886.00 CHF

Les vitraux d'Hadassah - Marc Chagall

In 1959, the Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center commissioned a set of twelve stained-glass windows from Marc Chagall, more than a decade after the artist’s return from emigration to France. By then, he had become well known, having exhibited at many art shows. The windows, intended for a synagogue under construction, would symbolize the twelve tribes of Israel.

Working closely with ...

Set of 6 dinner plates (serie 1) - 27 cm

ADAGP, Paris, 2020 - Chagall

650.00 CHF