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Inspired by the curiosity cabinets that were so fashionable in the 16th and 17th centuries, the pattern is available on a full dinnerware service with scenes reminiscent of japanese prints: birds depicted in automnal colors perch on stylised trees in raised gold.

© LiliROZE

© LiliROZE

Espresso cup and saucer

141.00 CHF

Tea cup and saucer 4.4 oz

175.00 CHF

Mug 30 cl

147.00 CHF

Soup bowl 11 cm

69.00 CHF

Rice bowl 12 cm

80.00 CHF

Small covered cup

113.00 CHF

Chinese spoon

70.00 CHF

3 tier tray

818.00 CHF

Toscan vase 33,5 cm

1,253.00 CHF

Large vase h. 57 cm

9,134.00 CHF