Handling & Care

Not only are the Bernardaud collections aesthetically beautiful, with designs ranging from fashionably eye-catching to understated and traditional, they are also practical. Bernardaud dinnerware collections are dishwasher-safe and those collections without metallic accents may also be used in the microwave.


Bernardaud porcelain may appear delicate, but it is in fact the hardest-wearing of all ceramic tableware. It owes its resilience to the fact that it is fired at much higher temperatures than other ceramics, including eathenware, stoneware or bone china: the fusion of materials at such high temperatures eliminates any porosity, resulting in porcelain that is renowned for its durability, luster and translucency.


Feel free to warm your dishes in a home oven. As Bernardaud porcelain has been fired at over 1400°, a home oven rarely reaches temperatures of 300°, you can be sure that your china will withstand the heat. However, you should be extremely careful to avoid extreme temperature changes within a short period of time: even Bernardaud china will crack if taken directly from a hot oven and subjected to the smallest amount of cold water. Bernardaud porcelain will also withstand microwave use, however you should avoid placing patterns that contain gold or platinum accents in a microwave. Not only will these patterns cause sparks, but you run the risk of melting the precious metals and ruining your China.


You can wash your porcelain dinnerware by hand, using the soft side of the sponge and regular dishwashing liquid. Be careful though never to use the scrub side (often green or blue) of the sponge because it could damage or scratch the surface of the décor. You can also put it in the dishwasher with no harm! Simply make sure to select a low-temperature program, non-corrosive product and not to exceed the recommended dosage. Bernardaud has associated its name with the Unilever company, which has been working for 10 years to develop non-corrosive products that safely clean china in the dishwasher. Numerous tests carried out on Bernardaud porcelain have shown that the Sun range of dishwashing products do not harm our dinnerware and guarantee dazzingly clean results.

Most of Bernardaud's china patterns are produced on a regular basis, so breaking a dish is no longer a tragedy. In addition, pieces are added to the collection from one year to the next, so you may always look forward to expanding your dinner service in new and creative ways.