The incrustation technique is a «Haute Couture» process of decoration on porcelain Bernardaud has passed down over five generations.

This complex acid engraving decoration technique requires approximately thirty manipulations, six firings and at least three days for a piece to see the light; first the decoration is printed, not in color, but in a protective varnish that is an acid resistant material. The piece is immersed in a bath of hydrofluoric acid, which attacks the enamel that isn’t protected by the varnish, creating the design’s pattern. Rinsed in petroleum, the etching of the plate is checked by an application of lampblack before being decorated with at least two layers of gold (shiny then mat) or shiny platinum, requiring at least two firings. The gold is then polished by hand using a cloth, fine sand and water to give it all its shine. An incrustation can be associated either with Cobalt Blue, requiring firing at 1400 degrees, or with a «Gold in relief» technique consisting in making thick patterns with a brush using a special paste and then after firing, the pattern is sprinkled with gold before being fired again. The incrustation requires exceptional know-how that Bernardaud is proud to perpetuate.

Gift case 1 moka cup 5 cl and saucer

Cup height : 4,6 cm and cup diameter : 4,6 cm

Saucer diameter : 10,4 cm

5 cl

1,242.00 €

Tumbler + candle home fragrance 200g (burn time : up to 60 hr.)

To decorate and perfume your home, this tumbler comes with one of the six home fragrances created by master pe...

119.00 €

Large tea gift case (teapot, creamer, sugar bowl, 6 tea cups and saucers)

Tea gift case Beaugency Bleu De Four composed of a teapot, six tea cups and saucers, a creamer and a sugar bowl.

50,602.00 €


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