Incrustation is a porcelain decoration process that uses acid engraving. A decal printed with a protective varnish, rather than color, is applied to a piece. This varnish, which is an acid-resistant material, is applied by brush to the rest of the piece, except for the motif, which will be engraved. Next, it is dipped into a bath of hydrofluoric acid that “attacks” the glaze, engraving the cavities called for by the design. The piece is rinsed in petrol, detergent and water, then decorated with two consecutive layers of gold (brilliant followed by matte) or bright platinum, which requires two firings.

Gold relief is a decorative technique whereby an embossed gold motif is applied by brush using a special paste. After firing, the decoration is dusted with fine gold and then given another firing.

Oversized service plate (large rim) 31.5 cm

The service plate highlights the dinner plate that is placed on top.

3,707.00 €

Tumbler + candle home fragrance 200g (burn time : up to 60 hr.)

To decorate and perfume your home, this tumbler comes with one of the six home fragrances created by master perfumer Olivia Giacobetti : ...

95.00 €

Dinner plate 26 cm

The dinner plate is used to present your main course. It is often placed on the charger.

1,156.00 €