Exposition 1400°

16 June, 2023 10:00

Until March 24, 2024

FONDATION BERNARDAUD - 27 rue Pierre Bernardaud, 87000 Limoges (France)

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For 20 years contemporary ceramics have been exhibited at the Fondation Bernardaud. The Fondation d'entreprise Bernardaud presents its new exhibition 1400°. Porcelaine et moi, émois., in which eleven international artists have chosen to tame and question the human relationship with the body, the fruit of so many fantasies and anxieties, what it says about us, what it is and what it tends to become.

1400oC is when the material shows itself. It is at this pivotal temperature that porcelain, the only ceramic that withstands such heat, is fired for 24 hours, revealing all its qualities. Resistant, unalterable, durable, waterproof, translucent, fine, and white. Unique. With 1400oC, the Fondation Bernardaud highlights contemporary sculpture, providing a strong and unique view of porcelain and its unique expressive possibilities, and addressing the historical, technical and aesthetic aspects of this demanding material. Demanding, even capricious, porcelain refuses to be constrained and fire is its only master. At 1400oC, it shrinks approximately by 14 % and changes shape. Porcelain challenges the most daring like all the artists presented this year, who have succeeded in taming it with passion, patience and brio.

Frédéric Bodet, Exhibition curator

Hélène HURET, Director of the Fondation Bernardaud


Caroline Andrin

Carole Chebron

Claire Curneen

Gundi Dietz

Louise Hindsgavl

Irene Nordli

Marieke Pauwels

Enrique Perezalba Red

Alison Shanks

Mariëtte van der Ven

James B. Webster

Press contact Hélène Huret hhuret(at)


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