Haute Sphère

24 November, 2023 14:00

From November 24, 2023 to January 5, 2024

Saint-Rémi de Bacalan church, Bordeaux

A monumental work, with its delicate combination of wood and porcelain, will be on display in the Saint-Rémi-de-la-vigne church in the Bacalan district of Bordeaux from November 24, 2023 to January 5, 2024. Designed by Sylvain Dubuisson and crafted by Bernardaud, Haute Sphère combines design and porcelain expertise to create a contemporary take on the Nativity.

"Bordeaux is the land where I was born, and although I didn't really live there, it's my maternal or natural home. It's there that every time I approach it, my heart not only trembles but soothes.
Bordeaux is not just wine, since its architecture is splendid in its balance of reason and taste, proportions and light. But wine has been imbuing the city with its spirit and colors for centuries. It is refined and learned, and its advancement in age reveals what only time can perfect." Sylvain Dubuisson

The installation of Sylvain Dubuisson's crib in Bordeaux, and more precisely at the Saint-Rémi-de-la-vigne church, is an obvious choice, given the architect's deep connection with the world of wine, for which he recently designed new cellars at Château de Malleret and Châteaux d'Eyran.


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