Louis XV

18 December, 2022 14:00

👑 On the occasion of the 300th anniversary of his coronation, the Château de Versailles organizes an exhibition on the passions of the man who was nicknamed the Beloved. Naturally reserved, but a fine gourmet, Louis XV preferred the company of a few intimates gathered on his return from the hunt during his famous little suppers, a break from the restrictive court etiquette developed under Louis XIV. Under his reign, the king brought the arts of the table to the height of sophistication and the "great French taste" reached its peak thanks to the decisive influence of Madame de Pompadour, a true lover of the arts. Their complicity was reinforced by their common passion: porcelain. Thanks to them, the manufacture of Vincennes, then of Sèvres, will know in a few years an extraordinary development and sumptuous objects will be found on all the great tables of Europe! To finish, we can't resist showing you the "Louis XV" service made in 1757 for the sovereign's residence in Fontainebleau, replicated by L'Ancienne Manufacture Royale 💖

About L'Institut Bernardaud:

Because the French art of living is the envy of the world, what better way than with porcelain to introduce you to the teeming world of the table... Contribute with L'Institut Bernardaud to reenchanting this convivial and so precious moment of the meal by following our various workshops and conferences. A program with a creative approach and open to the world to live an exciting adventure at the crossroads of gastronomy, art, history or decoration.


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