Sylvain Dubuisson

Espresso cup and saucer 5 cl

236.00 €

Reference 2495 / 22788

“Has the coffee cup been designed in all its infinite variations ? well, almost. Ergonomic and stylistic restrictions may be well defined, but here, the handle which is usually attached at the side, runs around the cup and is detached from it. As a result, it doesn’t get hot, which means you don’t get burnt when you hold it. The easiest way to grip the handle is with the tips of your fingers, so no matter how simple, obvious or original it might appear, it is perfectly in keeping with our history” Sylvain Dubuisson

5 cl

The shape of the cup emphasizes the taste and aroma of coffee thanks to its thin edges while keeping it hot.

Made in Limoges, France ⚑

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