Versailles Enchanté

Starting with the theme of Versailles, the choice was made to focus on the gardens, the groves and the king's parties with some views of the castle. This theme federates the more general taste for nature and gardens in vogue today. While King Louis XIV had the gardens of Versailles landscaped with fountains and groves, he decided to throw a party for queen and her mother called the "Fêtes de l'Ile Enchantée" which lasted six days. 600 “only” people were selectively invited to the party: the castle, still in its original size, could not accommodate all the guests, who would then live in their carriages! This service represents the gardens, seen from the castle, and the shows of these festivities.

© Lily Rose

Plate 27 cm

139.00 €

© Lily Rose

Salad bowl 24 cm

627.00 €

Gravy boat 30 cl

627.00 €

Creamer 25 cl

363.00 €

Sugar bowl 15 cl

585.00 €

Coffee cup and saucer gift box - 6 cl

153.00 €

© Lily Rose

Tea cup and saucer gift box - 15 cl

165.00 €

Mug 25 cl

139.00 €


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