Love recipe ideas

11 February, 2023 14:00

❤️ Will you cook for your sweetheart this Valentine's Day? Here are some love recipe ideas... Let's start with magical foods and drinks: the prince's cake in "Donkey Skin" with a ring inside, Tristan and Isolde's love potion made with flowers, roots, herbs and wine. The royalty were also fond of aphrodisiac dishes such as asparagus or saffron, which Cleopatra poured into her bath; the oysters so appreciated by Louis XIV that he is said to have devoured 400 of them before his wedding night or celery, a must-have according to Madame de Pompadour. Finally, several confections were born of love stories. The "papillotes" from Lyon or the "coucougnettes" from Pau, a naughty tribute to Henri IV to whom no less than 57 mistresses are attributed. When love made a shepherd lose his head, forgetting his curd and bread, the recipe for Roquefort cheese would be born. For those who do not want to cook, a nice "puits d'amour" at a good pastry store and the trick is played!

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