"Bleu de four"

24 October, 2023 14:00

💙 "Bleu de four", cobalt blue, Sevres blue... All these names refer to the magnificent color obtained from cobalt, a rare metal oxide with exceptional stability and tinting strength. Used on all types of ceramics, only porcelain will reveal its unique brilliance and depth, thanks to a "grand feu" firing at 1400°C/2552°F for 24 hours, making it fuse with the material. China imported this blue from Iran in the 8th century - revered by Muslims as a "treasure in the desert", until the discovery of cobalt deposits on its soil under the Ming dynasty. In the Ottoman Empire, the potters of Iznik covered their earthenware and palace walls in the same blue. Thanks to the Silk Road, it eventually reached Europe's major earthenware production centers. Portugal first, with its famous azulejos, then Delft in the Netherlands, Victorian England and Rouen and Nevers in France. Today, Sevres, Limoges and contemporary artists perpetuate this ancestral tradition.

About L'Institut Bernardaud:

Because the French art of living is the envy of the world, what better way than with porcelain to introduce you to the teeming world of the table... Contribute with L'Institut Bernardaud to reenchanting this convivial and so precious moment of the meal by following our various workshops and conferences. A program with a creative approach and open to the world to live an exciting adventure at the crossroads of gastronomy, art, history or decoration.


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